Monday, May 23, 2016

Market Mayhem from Salt Lake City 2016

Fresh home from Spring Quilt Market and I have so much in my head of wonderful promotions, events, programs, projects and patterns we want to do.  As we learn and grow we want to share our passion and information with you. I thought what better way to share than to write a blog for you. I will try not to make it a grand novel but give some you key ideas of what is coming for you at the shop.

Lori Holt Booth

Quilt Market overview before opening

Dear Stella Booth

One of the key things all of us at the shop like to do it share our ideas and knowledge.  Between all of us at the store we have over 100 years of quilting and sewing experience.  That's a lot of information we have to share.  I am fortunate to have such an amazing staff full of experience.  In the next several months you will see us strive to not only share with you when you ask for help but also create some wonderful promotions to teach you tips and tricks to make your quilting and sewing experiences even better. We all strive to learn more and do better in what we make so why not give you some events that will focus on doing just that and for FREE!!

Latifah Saffir 

Classes are something I always get excited about because it focuses on a pattern or project that we love.  All of us in the shop have our favorite styles and types of projects whether they be traditional or modern quilts, bags, clothes, housewares, etc.  Fortunately we all take turns teaching classes for these types of projects we love.  You will be seeing even more classes coming in a variety of projects. If there is something you would like to see us teaching please let us know.  You never know it might be one we have coming or it may be one we can create for you.

Sassafras Booth with their new minis

You can't do classes without having clubs and block of the months.  You will be seeing even more of these coming in the fall PLUS we are going to start a Saturday Sampler program AND a new concept of block swap.  We are so excited for this I can't contain myself. We are hammering out the details and will be launching these soon.

I know a lot of you like going on retreat and attending quilting and sewing events.  While my dream is to be able to provide you wonderful retreats some day, I know that we can at least achieve some mini retreats and events in the shop.  We have an amazing Christmas in July retreat coming and information is one the website calendar now.  We are creating swag bags and even more freebies as we get closer to the event.  You won't want to miss our first mini retreat in the shop.  There will be goodies galore so sign up now to reserve your space. My hopes is to do more of these types of events for you so please feel free to share your ideas of what you would like to see.

Almost to the end of all the excitement. Fabric is of course our true addiction and what inspires us to make and create wonderful things.  We went crazy finding all kinds of lovely fabric and maybe even a little overboard but really there is no such thing as too much fabric (even though my husband would disagree).  So please keep coming to visit us whether it be in the shop or online.  We always have new fun bright fabrics, patterns and notions coming in for you to love as much as we do.

My final words to say are Thank You!!  To all of you who support me in my dream. To those of you who visit my shop and share my passion.  Especially to those of you who tell your friends and even strangers sometimes that they need to come see us.  Without all of you I could not be doing what I am doing today.  I truly appreciate all of you who have "Embraced the Mayhem" and truly keep us going. Please keep visiting, keep sharing and tell everyone you know what wonderful things we have to offer to everyone.